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O.C. Breastfeeding Advocate Jenny Ong and Her Notes

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I asked my mom blogger friend Jenny Ong to guest-post about her O.C. ways.  Jenny is a co-organizer of the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival, a compilation of blog posts focused on a specific theme on breastfeeding.  For July, the group joins the National Nutrition Council – Department of Health in celebrating Nutrition Month with the theme “Isulong ang Breastfeeding – Tama, Sapat at Eksklusibo!”  She blogs at Chronicles of a Nursing Mom.

The OC-Mom Journals By: Jenny Ong

As a new and first-time breastfeeding mom, I constantly worried about how much milk my daughter was getting.  I didn’t attend any breastfeeding seminars or classes – save for about a 30-minute lecture included in a Newborn Care class which I took shortly before giving birth.  All I knew was we had to constantly put N at the breast and just watch out for her pees and poops which should be at least 6 pees per day by the time that she was 6 days old.

With my brain in a mommy scramble mode, I decided that the only way I could “measure” her intake was through this Feed Me, Change Me Chart which I made, printed and forced my husband S to fill up every time he changed or fed our daughter.   Here’s an example of a filled-up chart which S filled up (or face my wrath!) even at the wee hours of the morning.  We were mixed feeding during this time because N was jaundiced and we ignorantly believed the pediatrician that she needed to be given formula.  So you can see the marks that S made to identify whether she had formula, expressed breastmilk or was directly fed.  Can you believe that we did this for more than 2 months?!

My journal/chart keeping didn’t end with that.  When N turned 6 months, my next project was a journal to chronicle her daily diet.  I used the Goldilocks freebie planners that came with Yummy Magazine.  This time, it was Yaya’s turn to handle the daily journaling.  I had gone back to work when N was 7 months and I was lucky that Yaya was as OC as I was in listing down all of N’s food plus favorite meals.  We did this for 1 year and the journal has been scanned and passed on to other new moms who were thinking of menus to feed their 6-month old babies.

Now, I have Dr. Mom Journal made by like-minded OC Moms and by N’s OC Pedia – Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen.  Dr. Mom is a health journal for children from 0 to 16 years old! It is quite hefty (both weight and price as it costs P1,500-P1,800).  Dr. Mom was launched when N was already 1 and a half years old.  But the OC-ness in me couldn’t resist getting one and I haven’t regretted it!  It is filled with several pages of information that I would like to compile and keep track off such as xx Month visits, sick child visit, doctor sheets (where doctors can write their prescriptions), specialist sheets, dentist sheets, various exam sheets (hearing test, blood test, etc.), immunizations chart, illness monitoring sheets (my favorite), plus a lot more!  Ever since w got this journal, we have religiously kept track of all of N’s illnesses, medicine intake, tests, etc. It keeps all our records organized and I can easily review details of her last illness.  Caveat – this is only a great product if you like record keeping!

Since we’re now getting ready for Flower, Baby No. 2 coming in December, will we be keeping the same journals/records?  I will probably skip the Feed Me/Change Me chart but will still keep a food log and the Dr. Mom Journal!

I personally had my own logs of breastfeeding, pee, poo, sleep.  I also had my own version of the Dr. Mom Journal because I didn’t know there was 1 you could buy!  For my 2nd baby, I will definitely buy this.

The Dr. Mom Journal and other mom and baby necessities may be bought from Jenny’s shopping site Mama.Baby.Love.  And on that note, I’m off to do some online pre-birth shopping.

Thank you Jenny!


Written by Kris de Guzman

July 21, 2011 at 9:34 am

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